December 28, 2009

Slight Revisions, Exciting Changes

For the moment, Tanella's Flight is unavailable. This should not affect those who have already ordered copies. There are a few very minor changes being made to the book; in particular, there was no blank page at the beginning for putting the autographed bookplate on, there was no copyright notice inside, and the author's website was our old address. Most importantly, the author's name needed to be updated to read "A M Jenner" rather than "Anne Marie Jenner". I know it may seem silly, but since we decided to go by our initials, the covers look better. The problem though, is that you had to search under both "Anne Marie" and "A M", to find both of our books on Amazon. We want to make it easier for our customers to find all of our books. This small change is part of a larger, behind-the-scenes invisible change, that should allow us to lower our book prices a little. As a consumer of books, we know that every little bit helps. We're trying to do a little something to help. Keep watching for more developments...not only are we looking to lower the price a little, but this change will allow us to be sold in regular brick-and-mortar bookstores. An exciting change for the upcoming new year. Happy Reading! --Anne

December 21, 2009

Happy Christmas!

Wishing a very happy Christmas and a joyous and prosperous New Year to all our readers and their kin. This link will take you to a page where you may download a windows media viewer video file. (We had to share it this way because it's 71 MB!) We hope you enjoy the movie--it's a ten-minute video on the life of the Savior, and our home-made Christmas Gift from us to you. Happy Reading! --Anne