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Thirty-six breathtaking, chilling, and heart-warming short stories from award-winning author A M Jenner will have you soaring on the wings of love and cowering beneath your blankets.

The stories collectively contain an almost all-knowing computer, time travel, death-defying adventures in space, aliens invading Earth, aliens trying to escape Earth, and some downright scary things hanging out right in your very own laundry room.

Whether you like horror, science fiction, fantasy, or romance, there's sure to be something in this collection to delight you.

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This tasty collection of recipes is gleaned from the personal collections of the world-wide family of letterboxers. Some taste good on the tongue, some are just tongue-in-cheek, and like any good letterbox, some of them require at least a little bit of research.

These recipes represent the tried and true family favorites from many areas of the world. I hope this collection will tickle both your tastebuds and your fancy!

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The best way to get to know an author is to read their work. I'm offering this book of sample chapters from six of my novels. I present three suspense novels, two fantasies, and a science fiction novel. By the time you finish this, you will know for certain whether you want to buy everything I publish or avoid my writing in the future. Either way, this sampler book will save you a lot of time.

I'm betting you'll be hooked!

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