Book Plates:

Drop me an email at, and let me know who you are, where you are, how you'd like it inscribed, and which book you bought. I personally design a bookplate for each book and have them printed on 3"x4" stickers.

When I receive your email, I will sign the appropriate bookplate and tuck it into an envelope and send it off to you. Fasten the bookplate on the blank page inside the front cover, and you have an autographed book.

I'll be happy to sign bookplates for ebook customers also, if they'd like.


Alternatively, you may go to, search under my name or the book title, and request an autograph. You will have to create a free account at authorgraph, either by signing in with your twitter account if you have one, or by giving them your name and email. When you send a request, I get a notification. I go over to authorgraph, type a personal inscription, and sign my name using my mouse. They make a PDF of the book cover, inscription and signature and email it to you. If you have a kindle and give them your kindle's email address, they email it directly to your kindle. You can store the PDF on your computer, on your ereader in a documents folder, or print it out. Some people have even trimmed their printout and glued it into the front of a print copy.

The link below will take you to my page on authorgraph, where you can request a signing for any or all of my books.