Shelia Everett couldn’t have imagined a worse company Christmas party. By the end of the evening she was unemployed and homeless. Fortunately her boss’ date, Anders Adamson was willing to help her repair the damage. He even offered to help her get a job at his escort service.
What’s a good girl to do when she discovers she’s fallen in love with a gigolo?
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The Power of Advertising

Cassi Spencer's upscale restaurant is in trouble. She needs a loan, fast, not advice to spend money she doesn't have on advertising. Especially when that advice comes from the distractingly handsome Rhys Morgan!

Rhys Morgan likes Cassi's idea of creating a training ground to get homeless moms out of the shelters. He likes Cassi even better, and he's willing to help her...under certain conditions.

Together, can they save Cassi's livelihood and her dream, or will everything end up as yesterday's news?

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