August 16, 2010

Assignment to Earth Chapter Seven

Jenna fumed as she fixed their breakfast. 'Why did Glen have to interrupt just when I'd gathered my courage?' It had taken all her nerve to decide to place her trust in this Cavalier.

The worst he could do was turn her over to the Klodfons. She'd been there and escaped before, she could do it again. The best results would soon see her home with her Uncle Xavier, something that would never happen unless she gave him her trust. He was the only Cavalier she’d seen in five long years, and, she believed, her last hope of getting home.

She ate mechanically, then packed her gear, all the while castigating herself. 'And did you see the look in Skylar's eyes? He's angry because you didn't exonerate his actions. He's not about to explain to Glen why it looked like he was going to assault you. Better stay out of his way until he calms down some. You know he's not going to let the subject drop now you've said 'cinadium'. For better or for worse, you're in it, girl.'

One thought did give her hope, however. Skylar hadn’t given her away even to defend himself. If he wouldn’t betray her to a man he perceived as her uncle, it was far less likely he would hand her over to the Klodfons. She found it a most reassuring thought.