October 12, 2010


I really hope you've enjoyed reading Assignment to Earth. It has been so nice to finally let other people read it after all this time. I welcome your comments, questions, and suggestions. You can reach me by email at am_jenner@live.com, or anne@am-jenner.com. (My letterboxing friends know other ways to reach me.) You could always post comments here, as well. Sometimes, the lack of comments on the posts make me wonder if there's really anyone out there reading, or if this had been an exercise in futility. I do want to reassure you, though; there is another story coming. I'll start posting chapters tomorrow. This one is a suspense novel set in the modern world. It's named Inherit my Heart. As you can guess from the title, it's got a little romantic action going as a subplot, but I do want to reassure male readers that this is not a romance story whose only point is to get the couple together. It is a suspense story at heart. Inherit my Heart is an older story I've been working on off and on for probably something like thirty years. This is one of those "practice" stories authors write while they're learning what they're doing, and while I think it's a pretty good story, if you're really on your toes you might see some of the mistakes common to beginning writers sprinkled among its pages. I like it, and I do want to share it. If you liked Assignment to Earth, and if you like Inherit my Heart, then you might want to consider purchasing my better books. Links are on my website, http://www.am-jenner.com/. No, this isn't a high-power sales pitch, and my blog isn't going to turn into a "buy my books" whine-fest, it's just a suggestion that if you like the old stuff I wrote while learning, you'll probably like the better stuff that's published now that I know what I'm doing. I do have one question for you, for which I will post a poll over ----->>> there. During the course of posting these chapters, I was almost afraid to make any comments before or after the chapters, or even make any posts in between. There were a few things (which I forget now) that I had wanted to say. My question is this...when I'm in the midst of posting a serial, would it be too distracting to make posts on other subjects in between chapters? Please let me know what you think, I truly value your opinion. Anne