November 25, 2010

Thanks Giving

I'm thankful for my daughter, and all of the wonderful things she does for the family. Because of my physical situation, she has done most of the cooking for the last eight years, and most of the housework for the last three...and still manages to keep up on her homework.

I'm thankful for my parents who took me in when I had nowhere else to go, and who continue to cheerfully provide me with the necessities of life.

I'm thankful for federal grants that are allowing me to go back to school and learn things that will make my books--and my website--better.

I'm thankful for teachers who use their time to teach me, and are even available by email over holiday weekends.

I'm thankful for technology: the computers and Internet that allow me to write and share my stories with others.

I'm thankful for the country I live in, and the freedoms I enjoy. I'm thankful that I'm free to write about anything I want to write about, and no person or group has the right to tell me to stop writing, or to change what I write. I'm thankful for the soldiers in all branches of the military forces who don't even get holidays off, but have risked their lives to protect not only my freedom, but my life.

I'm thankful for my friends who are writers, who encourage me, and lead by example. They've make my writing better.

I'm thankful for the people who read my stories and ask for more, who enjoy reading about the characters who I worked so hard to give life to.

Thank you for reading my blog. Thank you for reading my books. Thank you for believing in me, and for helping me to be not only a better writer, but a better person.