January 28, 2011

Hello There!

I really hope you enjoyed reading Inherit my Heart. There will be a short delay before the next serial begins, for a whole host of reasons:

I need some breathing space for my personal life to calm down. January has been a chaotic month for both Anne and myself. Anne's husband spent three weeks in the hospital dealing with "minor" issues like nearly bleeding to death, out of control blood sugar, a pulmonary embolism, lung surgery on the left lung, pneumonia in the right lung, a totally filled and completely shut-down right lung, nearly having to have a tracheotomy, surgery to implant a blood-clot filter, transfer to a long term care facility, and finally home again...all in the space of three weeks.

School started for me and my daughter on the 18th, and there have been difficulties with the school's computer system, and dealing with the problem of an instructor who thinks it's necessary to view "R" rated movies as a part of...composition class. I don't watch "R" rated movies.

Then there's been the matter of my own health. My daughter and I have both already missed some classes because of illness. We've been coughing, sneezing, aching, and feeling too dead to move. The nurse practioner  at the clinic says it's just the flu and nobody can do anything to help us. We just have to get well on our own. One of my daughter's teachers dropped her for missing two classes (allowable, but not very understanding).

Finally, I'm not quite sure which story to post next. I need some time to take a look and figure out what I'm going to post, and make sure it's formatted right. Before I can even work on that, I need to catch up on my homework. Last semester I got a 4.0 GPA, and hope to continue that until graduation. I just got put on the President's Honors List for the 2010 Fall Semester...and it's thrilling. I've never been on any honor roll before, in my whole life...entirely through lack of effort on my part, but the fact remains that this is the first time I have put in the efforts, and reaped the rewards.

So it will be a little while before the next serial begins, but I do promise in the mean time to post here at least once a week. The post might be about something interesting I'm learning in school, but it's more likely to be about progress on the next book, Deadly Gamble.

We sent the manuscript out to a dozen people. They have until the 31st to get the corrected copies back to us. I already have three copies back, and they all said they liked the book. I haven't looked at individual comments and changes yet, and won't until I get them all back. I am looking forward to seeing the comments and changes proposed by the readers.