February 02, 2011

Need More Beta-readers...

In order to get Deadly Gamble out on time, with a sneak peek of The Siege in the back of it, we need beta-readers right now for The Siege.

The Siege is a fantasy book, with a medieval to renaissance setting. There is some mild violence in battle scenes, but if memory serves I didn't go into a lot of gory details. Probably fewer details than Fabric of the World has.

I need people who can read Word 2007, and use the track changes feature. I will be sending out an instruction sheet with the manuscript. If you want to be a reader and only have Word 2003, I can accommodate you, just let me know. I would like to send the manuscript out next week, and there will be a four-week turnaround time. I expect readers not to discuss the story with anyone but me until after the book is published. I want people who will seriously edit and make suggestions to the manuscript, rather than people who just want to read it for free. I'm not offering payment, but I will list you in the thanks in the front of the book, unless you don't want to be there.

Anyone interested in helping with The Siege should email me at marie@am-jenner.com.