March 04, 2011

And Now...The News You've All Been Waiting For!

The first two months of this year have been extremely chaotic.

First, my father spent three weeks in the hospital. He fainted at church, and when he got to the hospital they discovered he was almost out of blood. It took time to discover where the bleeding was coming from, and by then it had pretty much stopped on its own. In the meantime he had other problems which were only discovered because he was already at the hospital, which ended up in his having two surgeries and narrowly escaping a third. He was finally discharged to a "long term care facility" where he stayed an additional two days before being sent home to his "normal" schedule which includes 3 dialysis treatments, six caregiver visits, and two nurse visits weekly. It's my responsibility to keep his medical life organized, and after a hospital stay of this duration, you have to reactivate all the people and transportation and appointments, in addition to the follow-up visits to your own doctors the hospital demands you attend.

I got the new, totally redesigned website up, and mostly running, but had many problems with the scripting, and had to get help to make things work the way they should. Thanks Maos!

In the middle of all this, the spring semester of school started. One teacher, who I had for two classes, was insisting that her classes were to watch her "carefully screened and thoughtfully chosen" R-rated movies which "have no sex, no violence, and no language" (then why do they have an "R"?). I don't watch movies with an "R" on them, for religious reasons. I ended up dropping from both of her classes and picking up two other classes, but in the mean time I had joined the other two classes after they started, and I got behind on my homework in the classes I kept while I was running around trying to get my schedule straightened out. I have been playing catch-up and frantically doing last-minute homework since then, and can't seem to be working ahead like I did most of last semester...and mid-terms are already upon me; I have major presentations and tests in all my classes next week that I really don't feel ready for.

I sat down to do the last of my year-end accounting and discovered I have no access to my eBooks and sales reports at Amazon. They have redesigned their stuff, and somehow I have ended up with two accounts tied to the same email address with two different passwords. They keep explaining to me that I must have clicked on "new account" instead of "I have an account" (possible but not likely), and given a different password (possibly but HIGHLY unlikely), and that they can reset my password if I ask them to.

What I can't understand is why they would allow two accounts to be attached to the same email address in the first place (this strikes me as bad computer programming). I have asked them, twice, if they will reset the password so I can get into my account, and all I get is the explanation that I have two accounts. I'm getting very upset, and although, this year, it really won't affect my taxes (I didn't get any money from Amazon) I still need my sales figures. Plus I won't be able to publish any more eBooks at Amazon if I can't get into my account.

Anne and I have been working on Deadly Gamble as often as we can, and it's taking shape for publication. We really appreciate all those who gave us such excellent input.

And finally, I realize that I haven't been posting any serial here. I have decided on the next book, but because of the craziness of my life at the moment, I'm only going to promise to post a chapter twice a week...I'll start with chapter one on Tuesday.