September 27, 2011

Here's Mud in Your Eye!

I love learning new words. Sometimes when I look words up, I find out that they don't mean what I thought they did or that I've been saying them wrong for years. Again, I challenge you to use these in daily conversation, then come back and post comments on how your colleagues reacted. As usual, my source is No, I'm not confessing which words I didn't have right. I don't want to blush again.

 Akimbo [uh-kim-boh]

 –adjective, adverb

with hand on hip and elbow bent outward: to stand with arms akimbo.

 Quagmire [kwag-mahyuhr] 


1. an area of miry or boggy ground whose surface yields under the tread; a bog.
2. a situation from which extrication is very difficult: a quagmire of financial indebtedness.
3. anything soft or flabby.

 Curmudgeon [ker-muhj-uhn]


a bad-tempered, difficult, cantankerous person.

The curmudgeon stood in the quagmire with his arms akimbo.


  1. I've always thought the Mire in quagmire was pronounced like Wire, good to find out I have been wrong. ha.. An investigation would have told me, but ya know, that's too much trouble. ;-) Thank you teacher.

  2. I always pronounced it like wire too. I think most people do.