November 22, 2011

Giving Thanks

Thursday is Thanksgiving. Time to stick the turkey in the sink where it will take two days to thaw, and to get ready for some football! Don't forget about the incredible shopping deals on Friday!


Although I do eat the "traditional" Turkey dinner, for me Thanksgiving is a time to spend extra time with my family, and to pause and reflect the things I am thankful for. I thought I'd list some of them here.

Marie's thankful for:

·         My parents. I would not be the same person I am today without the influence and love of my parents. I would also be homeless without them.
·         My daughter, whose huge, body-engulfing hugs keep me on an even keel.
·         Federal grants for education, without which I would not be attending school.
·         The talents the Lord gave me for imagining and writing stories.
·         My friends who encourage my efforts at school and writing.
·         My fans who enjoy and purchase my books, and support my writing habit.

Anne says, I could simply add a ditto to Marie’s list, but that may appear to be cheating just a bit; therefore, in addition to what she’s written, let me add:

·         Living in a country as free as ours is, with the education provided as a youth so I learned to read and write.
·         Having a choice about which religion I want to follow, and the freedom to do so.
·         The right and ability to vote, to choose people and policies to keep my country free.
·         Having the opportunity to work, so I can have a place to live, food to eat, clothing to wear and books to read.
·         Having the opportunity to serve others.
·         The chance to smile and say thanks to the people who serve me, including the harried cashiers at the stores I frequent. It costs nothing out of my pocket to give them a smile, read their badge so I can call them by name and say thanks to them for all they do for me.

~A M Jenner


  1. you need a "hug" button

  2. I'm not that good at programming...but I can still feel your hug. Thank you.