April 07, 2012

Late Resolution Update

Sorry this post is late. My Dad has been in and out and in the hospital all week, which turns our whole family's lives upside-down.

My resolutions for this year are to:

·Graduate from college.
·Write a new manuscript, something I haven't had time to do since I started college.
·Take a vacation someplace out of Arizona.
·Hug my daughter every day.
·Learn how to make book trailers and post them to YouTube.

How am I doing?

I finished that 8-week class with an A, despite turning in a paper that didn't come to the conclusion which the professor had been carefully leading us toward all semester. I didn't like his conclusion, and didn't feel it was true. I refused to write a lie. Besides, if they don't want us to think for ourselves, why do they work so hard to teach us "critical thinking skills"? As of this writing, I have 34 days until graduation. I have four classes left. Two are must-pass. In one, I am currently earning a B, but I have some extra credit projects up my sleeve that I'm working on which will tip the grade-scale in my favor. In my other three classes I'm currently working on A's.

Writing the manuscript is still on hold until November's NaNoWriMo.

The hotel / park package has been booked for my out of state trip, now we're saving up our gas and food money.

I am hugging my daughter every day. Our relationship is improving greatly. The other day I was really mad at her about something, I don't remember what now, and we managed to deal with the situation with no raised voices.

The book trailers are still on hold for now. This project will very likely happen in August, unless it gets pushed to next year, which is looking likely. I am thinking that two new novels coming out before the end of the year is probably a higher priority than making trailers for existing books.

I'm still doing good on my resolutions, and have kept these longer than any I've made in the past.

I am no longer knitting the sweater. I went to the renaissance faire to get a musical instrument repaired, and received lessons in stick weaving and drop-spindle spinning. I've woven one panel of what will be a rug, and am now working on a belt, because I suddenly find the need for one. I won't be messing with spinning until A.G. In March I read 23 pleasure books, (some of them were short) for a combined total of 4658 pages. This gives me 48 books with 12,488 pages so far this year.