June 28, 2012

Exciting Mid-Week Announcement!

Just a brief post to show off my new book, The Moms Place. What's The Moms Place about? I'm glad you asked! Here's what is says on the back of the book:

     The Power of Advertising
     Cassi Spencer's upscale restaurant is in trouble. She needs a loan, fast, not advice to spend money she doesn't have on advertising. Especially when that advice comes from the distractingly handsome Rhys Morgan!
     Rhys Morgan likes Cassi's idea of creating a training ground to get homeless moms out of the shelters. He likes Cassi even better, and he’s willing to help her...under certain conditions.
     Together, can they save Cassi's livelihood and her dream, or will everything end up as yesterday's news?

Because of those nasty "circumstances beyond my control", The Moms Place is being published on the day before I leave town for a week. This means there is not yet an ebook available, and there is not a page on my website linking to the book. For at least the next week, and maybe for a few days after that, the only way to purchase this book is in print, through this link: The Moms Place. I'll get the ebooks up as soon as I can, but between my sister's wedding and non-refundable tickets, I can't move the trip around.

This is also a great time to introduce my new partner, Jenna. Jenna plotted this book, and helped write it, even before she realized she wanted to be a writer. It's an excellent romance, and I hope you'll enjoy it.


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