August 14, 2012

Reconstitute the Sauce and Slather it on the Pizza Bones

You’re going to do what, on what, with what?!

Reconstitute, slather, and pizza bones; a trio of very strange terms, but let’s find out what each of them mean.

Reconstitute means to bring something back to original state. Restoring dried potatoes into mashed, or soaking beef jerky in water while you’re camping so you can have yummy meat for dinner that night equals reconstitution.

Slather means to layer a liquid or semi-liquid substance on thickly, so slathering pizza sauce means laying it on thick. It sounds very tasty, as long as you put lots of cheese on top.

According to, pizza bones are the crust remnants ‘left’ or ‘you leave’ on your plate.

So if you “reconstitute the sauce and slather it on the pizza bones,” you are putting fluid into dried sauce of some kind and heaping it on pizza crusts! That sounds so good, I think I’ll have to try it soon.

Have fun slathering and munching!