November 06, 2012

One to a Customer

The word soul refers to something which not all of the human race even believes in. Those who do believe in it usually think of a soul as the spirit which animates our body in life, and occasionally haunts our surroundings after death. Many believe that the soul passes to another plane of existence after death. However this blog is not a place to debate philosophy or belief systems, it is a place to learn about writers, writing, and the words that make books possible.

The word sole has several meanings, ranging from only (as in the family’s sole supporter), through a fish (the sole was delicious), to the bottom of your shoe (I need to take my boots in to have the soles repaired).

Keep them separate by remembering that a soul is all about “U”, and if it’s not about “U”, then the word doesn’t have a “u” in it.