January 07, 2013

Hey Look, Chocolate!

Bits and Bites is officially published. It's my first short story collection. It's a nice big collection, holding thirty-six stories securely between the covers. Believe me, some of these stories you will want to know that they are being securely held and can't come out to get you.

Some of the stories were written as early as 1982, while others were as recent as 2010. Some of my friends may (or may not) recognize themselves in the pages. One of the stories has a small incident in the life of Lt. Jenna, who also appears in Assignment to Earth.

Find out why a bookworm is not always a good thing. Find out where the missing socks go. Find out why having an identical twin is not all it's cracked up to be. Amuse yourself when you only have a few minutes for reading. Enjoy the dying art of the short story. Adventure and answers await within the pages of Bits and Bites.

How did I come up with the name? A short story isn't a huge chunk of reading. It's like eating a box of chocolates, there's a little bit of this, and a little bite of that, but no matter what flavor is hiding under the chocolate, it's tasty on the tongue. Except for the maple nut crunch. Does anyone actually eat the maple nut crunch?

At any rate, here's hoping you enjoy my small bits and bites of stories, perfectly sized for any amount of reading time, from a few minutes to an entire evening.

You can buy Bits and Bites here:
Print: $11.99
Kindle: $2.99
Nook: $2.99
Other ebook formats: $2.99


  1. Hey Look! you pulled me right in with the title! LOL. . . best of wishes on the new book.

    1. Thanks, tigs! I will tell you that if it weren't for the chocolate, nothing would ever get written. And potato chips. Must have my chips. ;-)


  2. I love the cover :)



    1. Thanks! I wasn't sure I was going to like it, until I got the print copy in my hands - but I love it too!