July 27, 2010

Reader Poll

I've enjoyed posting the short stories here, both the old ones, some of which have never been read before, and the new stories. (Don't worry, I'm still going to finish out the month long challenge.) So far this month, I've posted 30,295 words. In a way, it's been harder than doing a NaNoWriMo novel, because each day you have to come up with a new plot, and new characters, and a new setting, that all fit the prompt. During NaNo, you continue on each day where you left off, building on the previous day's work rather than starting over every day. While looking through my old things to see what short stories were available in case of I-Don't-Have-Time-To-Write-Today, I found some older novels. I'm about to do something that's either incredibly brave, or incredibly stupid...or possibly both. Some of our earlier works are...unpublishable. They've been edited and polished to within an inch of their little lives, and still are not really...books worthy of printing on paper and asking money for. It's not that they're not good, it's just that they're not up to our current standard. We've grown a lot as authors, and learned a lot about the craft of writing since they were written. They probably could be "fixed", but then they wouldn't be the stories they are. We enjoy them the way they are, and would like to share them...free...here on our blog. What we propose is to post the stories, one chapter at a time, every couple of days, like an old-fashioned serial. For the first story, we offer you, our readers, a choice. You may recall in earlier posts I've mentioned that our novel Tanella's Flight began its life as a short story with a completely different plot. We're offering our readers the opportunity to read the earlier short story. the story is good, it won second runner-up in the Audiobook Club's Second Annual Short Story Contest. (They define "short" as under 27,000 words.) Earlier this month I posted an older short story called Perilous Patrol, which featured a character named Jenna. I mentioned in the heading that she also appears in the unpublished novel Assignment to Earth, and that her name is partially the origin of our pen name, A M Jenner. Although my partner and I had both been writing for a long time, Assignment to Earth was our first collaboration. I know we have a few readers out there, even if you don't comment very often. Please vote in the poll, and let us know which you'd like to read...the early version of Tanella's Flight or our first collaboration, Assignment to Earth. You can also tell us if you'd rather we chose something else, or if you don't want to spend time reading a serial published on a blog. Anne