February 14, 2012

Do You Know When Dew is Due?

Today we get to examine a trio of homonyms. “Do” is a verb. Use it when there is action, when someone is doing something.
“Dew” is condensation found on the ground in the morning, usually after a chilly, damp night when the sky is clear. In the winter, dew freezes and is called “frost”. Interestingly, “dew” is not often confused with “do” and “due”, but I included it here in order to be complete.
“Due” relates to time. Bills are due. Pregnant women are due. Library books are due. It refers to a specific date, and sometimes even a specific time on that date when something is expected to happen. You are expected to pay the bills or return the library books when they due. The pregnant woman expects to have her baby on or near the date she is due.
Remember them this way: “Do” is part of “doing”. “Due” and “time” both end with an “e”. “Dew” contains the word “ew”, which is what you say when you walk outside barefoot and get cold, wet feet.