February 01, 2012

Resolution Update

My resolutions for this year are to:

· Graduate from college.
· Write a new manuscript, something I haven't had time to do since I started college.
· Take a vacation someplace out of Arizona.
· Hug my daughter every day.
· Learn how to make book trailers and post them to YouTube.
How am I doing?
I'm enrolled in the last classes I need to take in order to graduate. I'm getting grades on my assignments that will net me A's if I can keep it up. The school will take applications for graduation beginning February 1. I intend to fill out the form and submit it by the end of the week.
Writing the manuscript will have to wait until after graduation. I plan to fulfill this resolution in November as part of NaNoWriMo.
I have a sister getting married in California in June, and plan to celebrate graduation at Disneyland while I am there.
I am hugging my daughter every day...even though we are now passing a really bad cold back and forth. I may have to temporarily suspend this until we're no longer contagious.
The book trailers, like the manuscript, will have to wait until after graduation.
All in all, I'm doing well; working on things in their proper order. Just as a side note, I am also working on knitting a sweater, and I have finished a dozen books with a collective page count of 3819 for pleasure reading this month. I have four pleasure books in progress. (One on my nightstand, one on my Nook, one on the Nook app on my phone, and one in that room of my home which my family refers to as "the reading room".)

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