September 30, 2012

Goodreads Giveaway

My new book, The Siege of Kwennjurat, is coming out October 24. I got the proof copy in yesterday's mail. Here's the front cover, isn't it gorgeous?

For some reason, I'm more excited about The Siege of Kwennjurat being launched than the last several books. Maybe it's because I've been working on it for about 3 1/2 years. Maybe it's just that I'm excited that the rest of the story is finally available to everyone who enjoyed Tanella's Flight so much. Maybe it's just all the work I put into the front cover.

At any rate, keep your eyes on this blog because exciting things are going to be happening over the next month, and all of them will be announced here.

I'm giving away five copies of The Siege of Kwennjurat through Goodreads, so if you have a membership there, sign up for your chance to win an autographed copy. You can either sign up at Goodreads, or you can use the widget in the right-hand column of the blog.

I will be showing off the trailer for the new book in just a few days. During the next month, I also plan to host a hangout at Google+, give away signed books on this blog, and going on what I hope will be an international blog tour. The details for that aren't all quite arranged yet.