October 01, 2012

Resolution Update

My goals for this year began as:
  • Graduate from college. (Accomplished)
  • Write a new manuscript, something I haven't had time to do since I started college. (Accomplished)
  • Take a vacation someplace out of Arizona. (Accomplished)
  • Hug my daughter every day. (In Progress)
  • Learn how to make book trailers and post them to YouTube. (Accomplished!)
As I continue through the year, my evolving list of goals reads:
  • Hug my daughter every day.
  • Support my daughter as she takes her turn at college. (Accomplished)
  • Finish editing The Siege of Kwennjurat and get it published.
  • Reformat all ebooks so they look better. (Accomplished)
The hugs continue at an accelerated rate, which is good for both of us.

My daughter has decided that, despite the support, an academic education is not what is right for her, and has left school. We are all happy for her mature decision. While college can be quite useful, it is not for everyone. We're happy that she has realized this, and chosen not to waste any more money, time, and extreme frustration trying to live up to cultural expectations. She is getting a lot of love and support now as she forges her own path in life.

The Siege of Kwennjurat is completely finished, and will be released on October 24th. There's going to be a lot of blog activity this month, with book giveaways and other pre- and post-release activity. I'm so happy to finally have finished this exciting two-volume tale after some sixteen years of combined work on the two books.

Last month I reported success with creating my first-ever video trailer, for Tanella's Flight:

This month, I have doubled my trailers, by adding a new one for The Siege of Kwennjurat. Although they are companion books, the feel of the two trailers is really very different. I think they each fit their book, though.

I finally finished the pair of socks last night. Due to my increasing arthritis in my hands, this will very likely be the last hand-knitting I will ever do. I also finished the quilt. I laid it on the couch to take the picture of it as promised.

I only finished a dozen books this month, but my page total is 5756. They were thicker books than last month.


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