October 25, 2012

The First Repeat Winner

Random.org picked Dani as the first repeat winner of the Great Book Giveaway. She will get the very first signed copy of The Siege of Kwennjurat in existence, considering that the book just came out today. Congratulations, Dani. If it's all right with you, I'll just slide it into the same envelope with your copy of Inherit My Heart.

I'd like to thank everyone for participating, and for helping spread the word about the book giveaway. It's been a lot of fun. I'm "leaving" today on an international blog tour for the next week. I'll be writing about the writing process, and my posts will be all over the Internet. I just now decided that I will give a prize to the most dedicated fan - Follow me on my tour and make relevant posts on the blogs where I'm guesting. At the end of the week, whoever has been on the most blogs with me will receive a free ebook copy of The Siege of Kwennjurat. In the event of a tie, I'll let random.org pick. As usual, you'll get one entry for commenting, and one for sharing; so there will be fourteen chances to enter during the week. However, the content has already been sent to the hosts, so there will not be any reminders about this contest...it will be strictly our secret. Looking forward to seeing some of you on my blog tour! I will be posting daily links here that will point you to where I'm guesting.



  1. I'm so excited! I will email again with my address. thank you much!

  2. Don't suppose your blog tour is bringing you to a WNY?

    1. Oh, that a blog tour involved actual travelling rather than simply being allowed to guest-post on other people's blogs.

      I believe that at least one of my posts is going on a New York blog - perhaps two of them - but unfortunately, my body is remaining securely anchored in sunny Arizona.

      OTOH, I won't have to deal with the hybrid Hurricane / Winter Storm that's mating in your neck of the woods...