October 23, 2012

Wonky Ruminations

According to dictionary.com, ruminate has two basic meanings; chewing cud, and thinking something over. Officially, no one knows how the two are connected, but I have a personal suspicion that it’s because when a cow is laying there chewing her cud, she looks like she’s thinking over a very serious and complicated problem.

If something is wonky, it is shaky, unsteady, or crooked, and likely to develop a problem or break down at any moment.

Take some time today to ruminate over the wonky things in your life. See if you can fix them before they actually break!



  1. I wish I had time to ruminate ! :) There are tons of wonky things that need fixing ... working on it !

  2. I've been doing that very thing for a couple days now...still working on it, too...how to, what to say, questions or statements, I know not where to start, feeling maybe better left unsaid...unfortunately, that's the way resentment builds...